Take My Breath Away

Today is day one of our official gym wide At Home programming! We are excited to bring you this each day and we hope it keeps you moving while we are all stuck at home.

General Warm Up (included in all three videos)

2 Min general moving (I did weird dancing)

Two Rounds

10 Reps Kang Squat

10 Scapular Push Ups

20 Shoulder Touches

5 Athletic Burpees

Move through half saddle and bodyweight turkish get ups to finish it off.

Full Gym Version:

For Time

100 KB Swings (53/35)

100 Barbell Thrusters

100 Burpees

Partition reps however you like.

Modified Equipment Version:

200 Mountain Climbers (R/L =1) or 100 KB/DB Swings

100 KB or DB Thrusters

100 Burpees

Partition Reps however you like

Bodyweight Version:

For Time

200 Mountain Climbers (R/L = 1)

100 Jumping Squats

100 Burpees

Partition reps however you like.


Five Rounds

12 Loaded Sit Ups

12 Loaded Twists (R/L = 1)

12 Plank to Forearm (6 leading with each arm)