What is Crossfit?

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What is Crossfit?

You turn the cold steel of the silver handle, hurrying inside to escape that merciless north wind. Before the door even closes, the familiar scent of stall mats and bumper plates fills your nostrils. There’s no music, not yet, but the echoes of the clanging barbell and beeping countdown are close. Very close. You can feel that fresh flutter of adrenaline in your chest, the slight acceleration of your heartbeat. Isn’t it grand?

And, right as you set your keys down and make your way across the gym, an unfamiliar voice finds its way into your ear as you hear the simple question, “So why are you here?”

But it stops you in your tracks (as all great questions do).

Why am I here?

Constantly varied, functional movements, performed at a high intensity: the definition of CrossFit. If someone were to ask me (as countless have), “What is CrossFit,” that would be my initial, knee-jerk reply. After all that is, quite literally, what CrossFit Inc. have set forth as their definition. And, it’s a good one.

In a purely scholastic evaluation of the training regimen and metabolic demands placed upon its participants, CrossFit as “constantly varied, functional movements that are performed at high intensities” is a remarkably concise explanation of what we do on a daily basis at CrossFit OKC.

But that is not the question I am interested in posing to you—today or any other day, really. I find it to be much more revealing and enlightening, if not even helpful, to merely add two little words to that question:
What is CrossFit to you?

What about CrossFit compels your interest and commitment? Why does it merit your sacrifice (and make no mistake, CrossFit requires sacrifice, be it money, time, or sacrificing a nice leisurely hour on a comfy couch with some Cherry Garcia and a self-pitying bag of Salt & Vinegar chips)?

What is it within you that drives you to push yourself to be better tomorrow than today? What glowing ember within your soul has been fanned into a fire so fierce, that you will suffer, lungs burning, muscles screaming, and then come right back the next day to ask for more?

In short, why are you here?

See, I’m a sucker for a good story. But especially a good back-story. Most times the what part of any equation does very little to pique my interest, but if you playfully offer me a thread as to why someone does something, why they take action, what about their very soul compels them to do what they do, well, you’ve got me right along for the ride.

So take a moment, really think about it, (no, seriously, think) and ask yourself, “Why am I here?”

“What is it that has brought me to this time and place, with this desire for something more?”

“When I walk into this gym, what am I here to accomplish? What has driven me to be here today?”

So, what is CrossFit to you?