Squat a Ton and Run

Squat a Ton and Run



Shoulder Press

B: Establish 10RM

I: Establish 5RM

A: Establish 1RM


Four Rounds for Time:

Squat One Ton and run 400 m (One ton=2,240 lbs)

275# = 8 reps, 245# = 9 reps

225# = 10 reps, 205# = 11 reps

185# = 12 reps, 155# = 15 reps

135# = 17 reps, 115# = 20 reps

95# = 24 reps, 75# = 30 reps

65# = 35 reps, 55# = 40 reps


high hams on box, couch stretch


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