Push & Pull

Push & Pull



*430pm: CrossFit Football 


Romanian Dead Lift

B: 3 x 12

I: 3 x 10

A: 3 x 5


With a running clock:

0-3 min: 25 cal row + max C2B pullups

3-5 min: 15 cal row + max C2B pullups

5-6 min: 10 cal row + max C2B pullups

6-10 min: rest

10-13 min: 400m run + max HRPU

13-15 min: 200m run + max HRPU

15-16 min: 6 shuttle sprints + max HRPU

*2 scores - total C2B pullups and total HRPU

*If you are not able to complete the round in time, move directly on to next round

*scale up to muscle-ups and HSPU


updog, scorpion





























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