Yoga at 8:30AM. CFOKC Kids at 9:30AM. Also, join Steve Miller at 11AM for Olympic Lifting. Cost is $20.  


3 Rounds for Time...

1000 M Row

20 Box Jumps

20 Pull Ups

20 Ab Mat Sit Ups


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1. Juliette wrote:
Can't wait for Freja to do the kids gauntlet next year! It looks like it was awmseoe!Good morning with Coach Tom, moving slow in the muggy heat more power to anyone who makes it in later today! Subbed FS for BS: 83/93/103 103/113/123 (failed) it actually felt good to fail. I haven't been pushing myself on strength for several months as I cycle thru some injuries & I realize I've gotten kind of passive about it. Thanks Coach for calling me out nice workinf with Julie & Sage today!Chin ups/ring rows no idea #, that was a long 10 minutes to stay focused, I probably only did 1(2 as many as I could have, its easy to take longer & longer breraks when u have such a big chunk of time before you!CG bench slowly working my way back 33/43/43 Stay cool everryone!

Fri, November 27, 2015 @ 7:59 PM

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