Happy Dance

Happy Dance


Awesome job to our lifters in this weekend's Oklahoma State Weightlifting Championship!


Overhead Squat

B: 3 x 12

I: 3 x 10

A: 3 x 5


3 RFT:

20 Box Jumps

15 Toes to Bar

10 Power Snatch


lying side twist

Our new cycle begins today, and our focus for the next 3 months is gymnastics. What this means is you will see more bodyweight movements in WODs and strength. Approach gymnastics the same way you would weightlifting - progressions based on strength. You can't OHS 200# until you have a strong and proper air squat. It's not wise for your connective tissue to take the brunt of kipping pullups if you're not able to do 5 dead hang pullups yet. We want you all to get strong in the safest manner possible. Slow progressions with a focus on the basics aren't the sexiest thing you've ever heard of, but those progressions work. Your body will continuously learn the patterns it takes, so let's set it up for the best pattern possible by training effectively - don't go beyond a safe load on your body and develop the requisite strength to do the most basic form of the movement before moving forward. Our trainers are there to help you with proper progressions and scaling options, and you'll notice more calisthenics and gymnastics strength movements in our warmups.



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