Taylor's CFOKC Fight Club

Taylor's CFOKC Fight Club



 *Intro to Olympic Lifting - 9am
**WOD for Taylor Sanders - 1030am
***Yoga at noon

 "Taylor's CFOKC Fight Club"

This is a team WOD with a $20 buy-in per team. Every dollar will go to Taylor Sanders, a Koda CrossFit athlete and coach who suffered a ruptured appendix on August 21. For more info or to donate directly, go to https://www.crowdrise.com/taylorsfightclub/fundraiser/crossfitokc.

The WOD:

26 minute AMRepsAP in teams of 2:

Partner A runs 400m.
Partner B does AMRAP back squats (135/95) until A gets back.
Switch and repeat (each person only runs once and squats once).

Partner A runs 400m.
Partner B does AMRAP pull-ups until A returns. *scale-up option to muscle-ups is available
Switch and repeat. Again, each person only runs once and pull-ups once. 

Partner A runs 400m.
Partner B does AMRAP double-unders.
Switch and repeat. 

Partner A runs 400m.
Partner B does AMRAP burpees.
Switch and repeat.

If above is completed in less than 26 minutes, start over and continue until 26 minute cap.





















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