Baby Vampire

Baby Vampire



Hang Clean

B: 3 x 10

I: 3 x 8

A: 4 x 3


21 - 15 - 9

Toes to Bar

Shoulder to Overhead

KB Swing


Superman Holds, 4 x :20


Upward Dog, Palms on the Floor


12 min of fun:2 deadlifts (275/185)10 double unders4 deadlifts20 double unders6 deadlifts30 double unders8 deadlifts40 double unders10 deadlifts50 double unders...continue increasing reps by 2 deadlifts & 10 double unders for the remainder of the 12 min. 



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1. Juceila wrote:
Hey Nicki,We wish we could have made this! A wedding not to be miessd just so happened to be on last week. Question for you, and maybe for a future blog article: What are your thoughts on the open class model vs. the closed class model? Closed being what CrossFit Central runs at least that's what I understand from Jeremy T. journal article and his website. Open being a member can come to any class on the schedule. At first, I was reluctant about the closed class model. But I'm starting to see some real positives about it. It's like a constant running On Ramp with all of the perks of that. A constant community, growing relationships, very efficient control of class size. I am especially curious about the community. When I started, there were like 15 members and every class I saw teh same people. I didn't know it at the time, but it was like a On Ramp experience in a weird sort of a way. As the gym grew, that started to change. At some point, there are so many members that you more classes of strangers it seems This is something we are discussing actively as our gym size has grown, classes are fuller, and things are generally changing! Thanks for sharing any thoughts you may have!xxHi Xi Xia!Central uses the closed class model and it works great for them. We have alot of folks who do shift work with rotating schedules (fire/nurses, etc) and locking folks into set times is not something I can really wrap my mind around at this point. Essentially, if a person misses a day they lose that class and can't make it up. Versus, an open class model where someone can't come Wednesday for whatever reason and they come Thursday instead. The model works for sure, evidenced by Central. Why don't you try it at just one time slot? See if you can get 10 people locked into a MWF 9am for instance, and see how it goes? Then report back please Happy Turkey day!

Wed, October 7, 2015 @ 8:15 AM

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